Enjoy the holidays

How to enjoy holidays with family or friends

As we all know, holidays can be a little bit tiring

There are so many expectations, so many different needs, and maybe old conflicts left unresolved. On the other hand, we are all looking forward to having some days off, not being in the same old working routine, and feeling kind of free.

So, how can we enjoy all the good moments waiting ahead? How can we stay balanced although things might be different than expected? My advice would be humour, rituals and polite honesty.

Humour means stepping back a little bit and laughing at yourself from time to time. Nobody is perfect and most people mean well with each other. So if things are not going to plan – as a first aid kit – take a deep breath in, exhale consciously and loosen your shoulders if things are not working according to your plan.

Another helpful tool is using old traditions or rituals to keep at least a slight form of structure. Rituals which are well-known and loved help us to get through the holidays without having to make too many decisions. Our mind can wander off and stop worrying too much about the procedure of the upcoming days. Holidays should be a fun time, doing things you really want without pressure or time schedules.

Talk about your concerns

And – if things are really not working out for you – talk about your concerns. Explain your view on things, your own feelings towards the situation, and your ideas on how to make things better. But remember to mention that your comments are about yourself and your perspective. Stay in the first-person narrative so as not to insult others.

So, here is the question: How do you enjoy your holidays? Who or what is helping you to relax during the upcoming days off? And how do you manage when you are feeling lonely during your holidays?

Please do write any helpful comment in the box below. I am curious to find out what you think.

Cheers, Stefanie

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