conflict coaching to keep mental balance and solve dispute

Your conflict

In your team, at home, in your neighbourhood, there are conflict situations on various levels. These situations cause interpersonal problems, work stoppages and lots of other losses, like relations to friends or family. Therefore, you want to actively address the conflict with the involved party. You are looking for an uncomplicated, low-threshold solution that has a lasting effect and works.

Conflict coaching: mediation as an offer

Mediation is a confidential, structured process in which the parties to the dispute voluntarily and on their own responsibility seek an amicable solution to their conflict with the help of a mediator.

The goal is the joint development of a fair solution that is in line with the interests of all parties involved and will endure in the future.

Reasons for mediation and conflict coaching

  • You improve personal relationships, within a family, a team or other groups
  • You reduce psychological stress and cultivate productive interaction
  • You strengthen the ability of all mediation members to resolve conflicts independently
  • You stabilize your system
  • New creative and innovative solutions and changes in perspective emerge

Take your chance and start solving your dispute right now! It will help you to understand conflicts and solve them sustainably. Learn in this course how to deal with interpersonal problems, opposing opinions or unclear communication. Stop bad moods burden your interaction and disrupt your system.

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