resilience coaching - regain your mental balance

Resilience Coaching

Learn about new skills to strengthen your mental health. Make use of proven strategies to boost your health regarding your inner strength, your self care and care for others, your optimism and your composure, for example.

This resilience concept has been developed, adapted and used with different personalities and needs. It is well established, totally useful for your daily life and easy to learn. You just have to focus on what really matters to you.

To illustrate resilience, let’s look at a car’s dashboard

There is the ignition, the brake, the gas pedal, the fuel gauge, the speedometer and cruise control, the air conditioning and so on. All these features ensure that the car drives smoothly and safely on the road. It only matters to the driver to

  • know how to drive a car
  • check all instruments regularly
  • fill with fuel or gas in advance
  • seek professional help if the motor stops working
  • carry out the necessary autocheck from time to time.

Now compare the above example to your mental resilience

Resilience helps you to get through most of the moments of crisis in your life. You just have to know about

  • the basics of resilience (= getting a driver’s licence)
  • its important tools such as connection, responsibility, optimism and acceptance (= instruments of dashboard)
  • the possibilities and chances of building resilience (= engine performance)
  • the significance of taking care of yourself (= seek and engage professional help from time to time)
  • the importance of regular exercise (= practise driving regularly)

Considering these facts you can improve your resilience and make the most out of it (= travel safely and smoothly).

Being aware of useful strategies for regaining your mental health is a very powerful way to jump-start your day

Therefore, use profound methods to improve your inner balance, for example:

  • know your own signature strength and use it wisely
  • take care of yourself in terms of diet, exercise and relaxation
  • maintain your social contacts
  • develop your WHY (your meaningful purpose in life) and your HOW (your plan to achieve your goals)
  • practise gratitude and acceptance

Start improving your resilience now!