resilience coaching - regain your mental balance

Resilience – a powerful tool to regain your mental balance

Maybe you have heard of resilience before

Resilience is your inner strength which helps you to survive a crisis and start all over again. It is your individual mental power to overcome difficult, traumatic situations as well as daily stressful challenges.

Here are some examples to illustrate the meaning

Have a close look at a willow tree: When there is a storm, the branches bend in all directions without breaking. When nature is calm again, the willow tree returns to its old shape.

Or take a look at airplane wings: except when on safe ground, they keep moving up, down, and sideways to stabilize the flying plane.

In scientific terms, resilience comprises three different levels:

  • First, there is an individual, genetically-based stress resistance or stress resilience that every human being has got (original competence).
  • In addition, there is the ability to further develop one’s own strengths through mental training (ongoing process).
  • During this development, your individual strength grows more and more, spreads out and shapes your whole personality (result).

About the impact of resilience

Provided you keep going, you will become better and better at being in the present and calmly accepting various challenges and tackling them proactively.

Facing these different issues is not always easy, but it is possible, as long as there is a trusting, honest and inspiring atmosphere for self reflection and personal development. And the guiding principle in my counseling is always the power of resilience, the awareness of individual strengths, development and the ability to change.

So, here is the question: How do you manage your daily challenges? Who or what is helping you to stay calm and self assured?

Please do write any comment in the box below. I am curious to find out what you think.

Cheers, Stefanie


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