team success - what makes us a winning, happy team

Team Success – how to become a winning, open-minded team

Team success – what does it take to become a winning, open-minded team?

Whether it’s work, sports or a family project – as part of a community, we occaisonally work towards a higher goal. Although we give our best, sometimes we can not achieve our goal.

In my professional context this topic is also frequently addressed. Leading management sets a goal, the team starts with a lot of energy – and yet the whole thing fizzles out quite quickly. Frustration spreads, the goal disappears into the far distance, and we fail to be successful.

What business coaching suggests

As a first orientation for you from my experience, I would like to note what it takes to be a successful team:

a clear goal

that all team members can accept and want to achieve

a competent leader

who is able to think and act in a visionary and self-reflective way, and who at the same time manages to motivate and further develop the team

team members

who are open, trusting and honest with each other, who feel integrated into the team and who feel seen with their strengths and competencies.

corporate structures

that allow flexibility and resilience and enable management to think, listen and act according to changing situation and environment

external expert coaching

to repeatedly reach the meta-level and sharpen the broad view of the big picture.

What else?

Certainly, there are other challenges that need to be considered. Team work is quite a complex system, which needs a lot of skills and experience.

In the next blog posts, I will go into more depth on individual points. For further information right now have a look here.

Please, do write any helpful comment in the box below. I am curious to find out what you think.

Cheers, Stefanie

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