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Because of a life-threatening disease within my family I have been developing resilience and coping strategies for more than 25 years. I strongly believe in the power of self-reflection, enjoyment of long life learning, regular exercise for mental and physical health to strengthen one's mental balance, and in the power of positive social contacts.
My signature strengths are empathy, authenticity and solution orientation. I have got a distinct ability to read and understand the needs and motives of others. That's why in my coaching I focus on the "what for" of the other person and its feelings, on the development of alternative thought patterns, and new ways of acting.

Stefanie Spross

Do you want to improve your well-being?

Search for your personal super power and strengthen your crisis muscles.
Make use of my resilience method which is based on the four pillars of connection, responsibility, optimism and acceptance.

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What I can do for you

Personalized Coaching for clients anywhere in the world, to empower you to feel positive about your life, relationships, career and health.

Resilience Coaching

Learn about new skills to strengthen your mental health. Make use of proven strategies to boost your health regarding your inner strength, your self care and care for others, your optimism and your composure, for example.

This resilience concept has been developed, adapted and used with different personalities and needs. It is well established, totally useful for your daily life and easy to learn. You just have to focus on what really matters to you.

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Resilience Coaching

Personal Coaching

Resilience coaching starts by rediscovering your own signature strength.

Maybe you do not really know what you are good at. Maybe you have lost your inner guidelines to show you the way ahead, and maybe that is the reason you cannot find motivation or purpose in your life.

So let me help you find the mental power and inner balance to establish a healthy and fulfilling life.

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Personal Coaching

Business Coaching

Let us take a look at your professional life – starting with your skills and current tasks.

To perform successfully, you need to get it right at three levels: your individual competences, the company’s resources and its culture and purpose.

Having considered these levels, you can develop your vision of the powerful future waiting for you and the suitable plans.

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Business Coaching

Resilience Reloaded

Take a deep look at your overall condition, considering nutrition, exercise, relaxation, social contacts, and your inner attitude.

Make use of my integrated strategies to strengthen your mental, physical, and emotional health. Let me inspire you with suitable, easy to learn techniques to improve your daily life.

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Resilience Reloaded

Conflict Coaching

Already argued today? Do you want to understand conflicts and solve them sustainably? But how?

Learn in this course how to deal with interpersonal problems, opposing opinions or unclear communication.
Stop bad moods burden your interaction and disrupt your system.

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Conflict Coaching

Online Coaching

New technology makes it so easy to work virtually. Take this chance to broaden your horizon by using my profound knowledge, despite the distance or other circumstances.

Feel free to ask for a demo or a live chat. That is the best way to find out whether you feel comfortable being coached virtually.

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Online Coaching

Consulting Fee

€100,- consulting fee per hour in person/online - €90,- monthly flatrate for 2x30min phone calls

Easy Booking

Language Spoken

Available in English or German - in Lörrach, Basel and online or via phone

Coaching Stefanie Spross

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Feeling uncertain or curious? Start your resilience training now!

I would love to share my experience and knowledge about resilience with you.
Either online or in person, you gain new perspectives, fresh ideas, and a strong motivation to increase your happiness in daily life.

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